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  1. 329 - Steel grades, Properties and Global Standards


    DUPLEX STAINLESS STEEL - SS 329, UNS S32900 Round Bar Manganese 1.0max 1.0max 1.0max 1.0max 1.0max 1.0max DUPLEX STAINLESS STEEL - SS 329, UNS S32900 Tube Silicon 0.75max 0.75max 0.75max 0.75max 0.75max 0.75max

  3. Steel grade 1.4460 (AISI 329 - SS2324) in stainless steel

    The steel grade 1.4460 (also called AISI 329 and SS2324) is a stainless, acid resistant, duplex steel with improved machinability. Since the steel is machinability improved, it is suitable for production of details with comprehensive machining.

  4. 1.4460 (AISI 329), S32900, Datasheet, METALCOR

    1.4460 / DUPLEX is an austenitic-ferritic chromium-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel., Usage in high chemical and mechanical stress.

  5. ASTM A240 329 Stainless steel, ASTM A240 329 stainless ...

    ASTM A240 329 Stainless steel is commonly called ASTM A240 329 Chromium-Nickel steel. ASTM A240 329 Stainless steel is composed of 0.08% Carbon(max), 1.00% Manganese(max), 0.75% Silicon(max), 23.0-28.0% Chromium, 2.0-5.0% Nickel, 0.04% Phosphorus(max), 0.03% Sulfur(max), 1.0-2.0% Molybdenum, and the base metal Iron.

  6. Chemical composition of stainless steel

    * SUS329J1 denotes austenitic and ferritic stainless steel. Note: (1) May contain at most 0.6% Ni. (2) May have at most 0.6% Mo added. (3) May have at most 0.75% Mo added. Remarks: 1) Ferritic SUS447J1 and SUSXM27 may contain at most 0.60% Ni.

  7. AISI 329 Stainless Steel vs. Type 1 Magnetic Alloy ...


    tional grades. Type 329 and 2205 are typical alloys. With respect to the Unified Numbering System, the UNS designations are shown alongside each AISI type number, in Tables 1-5, except for four stainless steels (see Tables 4 and 5) for which UNS designations only are listed. Table 5 DUPLEX Type UNS 329 S32900 2205 S31803,S32205

  9. Ferritic Stainless Steel Properties and Applications


    stainless steel that provides an outstanding combination of high strength, good corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties at temperatures up to 600 °F (316 °C), good toughness in both base metal and welds, and short-time, low-temperature heat treatments that minimize warpage and scaling. COMPOSITION (wt %) Carbon (C) 0.07 max.

  11. 330 Stainless Steel, Penn Stainless Products

  12. The Atlas Steels Technical Handbook of Stainless Steels

    Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels. These are chromium and nickel containing steels whichcandevelop veryhightensile strengths.The most common grade in this group is "17-4 PH"; also known as Grade 630, with the composition of 17% chromium, 4% nickel, 4% copper and 0.3% niobium.

  13. Stainless Steel 316 - Alloy Composition

    Outside of the US it is commonly known as "A2 stainless steel", in accordance with ISO 3506 (not to be confused with A2 tool steel). Type 316the second most common grade (after 304); for food and surgical stainless steel uses; alloy addition of molybdenum prevents specific forms of corrosion.

  14. Grade AISI 316 Stainless Steel SS316 (UNS S31600 ...

    AISI 316 Grade Stainless Steel (UNS S31600) ASTM AISI 316 stainless steel (UNS S31600) is one of the most widely used austenitic stainless steels. Due to the addition of Molybdenum (Mo), SS316 has a great improvement in corrosion resistance and certain properties.

  15. Article: Calculation of pitting resistance equivalent ...

    Affect of alloying elements on pitting resistance. where 'm' and 'n' are the factors for molybdenum and nitrogen. The most commonly used version of the formula is PREN = Cr + 3.3Mo + 16N Some formulas weight nitrogen more, with factors of 27 or 30, but as the actual nitrogen levels are quite modest in most stainless steels,329 steel composition

  16. eFunda: Properties of Stainless Steel AISI Type 329

  17. Stainless Steel Chemical composition (JIS)

    Stainless Steel Chemical composition (JIS) JISG43032005 Classification AISI DIN EN C Si Mn P S Ni Cr Mo Cu N Others

  18. Grades - Chemical Composition and Equivalent

    Grades - Chemical Composition and Equivalent Standards AISI ASTM EN DIN C % Max Mn % Max Si % Max S % Max P % Max Cr % Max Ni % Max 329 steel composition Theoritic Weight of Stainless Steel Round Bars Size (mm) Weight kgs/ meter Size (mm) Weight kgs/ meter 329 steel composition Chemical Composition and Equivalent Standards AISI ASTM EN DIN C % Max Mn % Max Si % Max S % Max P 329 steel composition

  19. Cast Steel Production| Metal Casting Resources

  20. Duplex Stainless Steel EN 1.4460 MAXIVAL®

    The steel is susceptible to embrittlement when applied in the temperature range of 300-900º C. Scaling temperature in air is approx. 1070º C. EN 1.4460 MAXIVAL® is an acid resistant austenitc-ferritic steel that is charachterized by: Excellent resistance to pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion and corrosion fatigue

  21. Stainless Steel: Tables of Technical Properties

    The selection of the appropriate stainless steel grade for each applic ation is the result of variou s considerations. In order to assis t the reader in this selection, Euro Inox makes the following tables of technical properties available: Chemical composition of stainless steels (flat products)

  22. Chemical compositions of AISI (ASTM/ASME) and UNS ...

    Introduction - AISI ASTM ASME and UNS. These are NOT specifications, but steel grade composition ranges only. These grades were used by the American Society Testing and Materials (ASTM) to identify grades in a wide range of standards they published for stainless products, such as sheets and plates (ASTM A240), bars (ASTM A276) and tubes (ASTM A269).

  23. Stainless Steel Specification and Composition Chart ...

    Stainless steel chemical composition and related UNS specification table. Stainless Steel Specification and Composition Table Chart 329 steel composition It combines good corrosion and heat resistance with good mechanical properties. Oxidation resistance to 1500 deg F widely used in both industrial and consumer products. See our Material Manufacturing page! 329 steel composition

  24. Stainless Steel Grade 446 (UNS S44600)

    The grade 446 stainless steel can be used in the following products: X-ray tube bases. Boiler baffles. Oil burner components. Annealing boxes. Industrial mufflers. Kiln linings. Glass molds.

  25. JIS G4304 SUS329J1 Stainless Steel Plate, SUS 329J1 ...

    Gangsteel is specialized in supplying JIS G4304 steel plate in G4304 SUS329J1. Our gangsteel have min 600Tons stock size for each size stainless steel. We also have cutting factory which could cut stainless component according to our customer requirement.

  26. Total Materia - Steel Composition

    Iron is the basic component of steel. When carbon, a nonmetal, is added to iron in amounts up to 2.1%, the result is an alloy known as steel. Each element that is added to the basic steel composition has some effect on the properties of the steel and how that steel reacts to fabrication processes.

  27. 1.4462 (AISI 318 LN), S31803, Datasheet, METALCOR

    1.4462 / AISI 318 LN is a duplex austenitic-ferritic chromium-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel., 1.4462 belongs to the DUPLEX-family. This grade has a good resistance against pitting and stress corrosion cracking. Unique combination of corrosion resistance, resistance to stress corrosion cracking , high tensile and yield strength.

  28. AISI 318 datasheet,AISI 318 chemical,AISI 318 heat treatment

    Technical specifications of AISI 318 Austenitic stainless steel datasheet - Grade AISI 318 Chemical compositions, AISI 318 mechanical properties from steelmaking, ESR, blooming, forging, rolling, heat treatment, straightened, ultrasonic test, cold working, machined. We also possess advanced precision machining equipments for further processing.

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